OWL Optimized Weapon Light by Cloud Defensive

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Owl Optimized Weapon Light
by Cloud Defensive

Thousands of hours, 19 experts, 16 designs, US patents, a dedicated manufacturing building and a lot of patience later, OWL was born. And with it, was the realization that we now have a weapon light that should be selling for about 600 dollars. So while traditional manufacturing/marketing would tell us not to under-price this, that’s precisely what we are doing. Because charging too much goes against who we are. We’re here to help. And we’ll always be willing to give you the best-possible deal on the best equipment. It’s that simple.
  • Integrated Switching, no cables to snag, no remote switches to mount, a one-piece solution.
  • Dual Switching, momentary and constant-on capability with a proprietary electrical system. OWL has both features in the same pressure switch.
  • Field Serviceable Lens and Tool Free Design. you can mount the OWL with the tool built into the tail-cap and the same tool allows you to change your lens if need be.
  • Quick Disconnect head and tail using their patented lug system, there are no threaded components on the OWL. A few degrees of rotation disconnects the head or tail.
  • Ambidextrous / Reversible, right handed or left, OWL has you covered, the head and tail cap simply reverse allowing you to mount them on the opposite ends. You can mount the OWL on either side of the weapon. Perfect for law enforcement and military applications.
  • Light Output, the industry talks lumens (OWL is 1250), professionals talk candela. Lumen numbers just get thrown around to sell things. Candela is the actual amount of usable light focused and concentrated on your target. OWL has almost twice as much usable light as the nearest competitor.
  • You Control the Output, your battery selection dictates output and run time. By using higher output batteries, you get more power. Lower output batteries get you more run time. Each OWL is shipped with 2 batteries, 1 high output (85-90 minutes run time) and 1 slightly less output withmaximal run time (105-110 minutes). Also note OWL will produce usable light for at least 8 straight hours! 
  • Shockproof, there are the ANSI/PLATO FL-1 standards and then there are brutal tests that exceed them. OWL exceeds all ANSI/PLATO FL-1 standards.
  • Waterproof, has been rated for submersion 200 ft. for 24 hours.
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