M31 Suomi 71rd Drum (1), 9mm Grade 1 (Very Good to Excellent Condition)

Price: $109.99
Item #M31DRUM-T1

M31 Suomi Drum Magazine (1), 71rd., 9mm, Grade 1

Very Good to Excellent Condition, Very Best We Have Available
New Offering -
Limited Quantities

Price is for 1 Drum, photos show typical condition and finish for this grade.

These original surplus Suomi Drums were manufactured between 1931 and 1953, they have been in storage for the past 65 - 87 years.

All drums are visually inspected inside and out for defects & missing parts, follower in bullet track & spring checked for tension.

Drums are sold as graded, please check out all of the photos and description for the grade you are ordering.

Please Check Magazine Restrictions before ordering.

Caliber: 9mm
Model: Suomi M31
Item #: M31DRUM-T1