AK Bulgarian Fire Control Set-Trigger(double hook), Hammer, & Disconnector

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AK Bulgarian Fire Control Set, 3 pieces Trigger (double hook), Hammer & Disconnector

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Trigger, Hammer, & Disconnector
Great spare parts to have around.

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M (TX) 4/24/2021 12:01 AM
Replaced a FIME, massive improvement. Also much better quality, and I'm not afraid of the trigger snapping off. Ordering more to replace others, including a Tapco G2. Excellent value. The Bulgarians did it right. If you have a single hook receiver you can modify the receiver, but I modified the trigger. Took some effort, but it works perfectly. Trigger face is smooth and round, and doesn't have a nasty mold line down the center like the FIME and Tapco do. It also looks more 'correct' than the funky FIME shape.
Very little wear
Wheels (Georgia) 3/8/2017 7:17 PM
I bought 10 sets during their liquidation sale. Disconnectors looked really good, no holes were "routed out" or enlarged. The hammers are mixed profile. 7 of mine were the same, and will replace the Tapco hammer in my AK47's. The other 3 were all different. Very little wear on all of the hammers. A couple looked almost new. A couple other hammers had the enamel worn off, but that was it. It was a great deal for all 3 fire control parts.