AR15 .223 30 RD. Steel, Magazine Bulgarian New in Plastic Wrap

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Item #AR15MAG

These are new steel mags in sealed bags with rust inhibitor.

Item #: AR15MAG

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CHRIS URSINY (McKeesport, PA) 1/3/2020 6:17 PM
i purchased one mag to test function of said mag. mag works ok no issues. mag is shipped in a plastic wrap, i cleaned all oil grease from mag assy prior to usage. here are vids of me with mag for demo purposes:
Great mags!
Caleb Rogers (Athens, TN) 8/7/2019 10:55 AM
I somehow stumbled across these the other day and decided to buy 10 because I liked the AK style design and the fact that they are made of steel. I received them Monday, and am definitely satisfied. They are twice as heavy empty as an empty aluminum mag and pmag, but that's the price you pay for such a durable mag I guess:) I have no problem with the weight. The finish is flawless, the design is brilliant, and again, the mags are beyond durable, especially compared to pretty much every other AR mag on the market. The spring is an AK mag style spring. Thicker than the usual AR mag spring. They come well packaged. Covered with oil, so for those who are looking to squirrel away some mags, these require no pre storage prep. I just can't believe these aren't more widely available, let alone known of. Buy with confidence. I'll definitely be buying some more if the price stays fair.
Bulgarian steel, works flawlessly
Michael Manley (Kansas City, MO) 11/23/2016 1:31 AM
I bought a pair of these to test on a sale, & had them out at the range today. I didn't run multiple mag dumps through them, just one cycle of 30 rounds each (I was testing several new mag types), but both ran flawlessly, with no failures of any kind. Both inserted on a closed bolt with a stiff smack, and both locked the bolt open when empty. They have an AK-style floorplate & retainer, as well as a somewhat AK-style non-tilt follower. The black paint is slightly textured, similar to the commercial Bulgarian AK-47 mags available elsewhere. Given the paint and the polymer follower, I'd guess they are made by the same company/factory. These mags are solid, and they work. I'll buy more the next time they are on sale.